Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Seen It>> Titus Andronicus at Scala 25.11.2010

Just across from King's Cross train station, lies the Scala venue. It was on a cold Thanksgiving Day's night that a band, whose most recent album was about the concept in the American Civil War, should play a fitting set. Titus Andronicus brought their beer-fuelled drunken epic anthems to London and they didn't dissapoint their reputation for a mad show.

The Scala seems a perfect venue for the New Jersey boys (and girl), as it is small and intimate, with no barrier and is perfect for the evident moshing that will take place. Singer Patrick Stickles' guitar is drapped in the stars and stripes of his home country, whilst there are people in the crowd attempting to copy his wonderful beard, however they don't possess the same cool effect that he pulls off. Opener "A More Perfect Union" is a rip roaring start to proceedings, Stickles' brilliant solos sending the crowd into a moshing frenzy, with many already falling onto the stage beside them. The vocal crowd are already screaming back 'rally around the flag' with the same passion that the song demands.

Things calm down afterwards with "Richard II" and "No Future Part Three", however they still maintained the energy and rawcusness of fist pumping and chanting in union, 'You will always be a loser!' at the end of the latter. During "Titus Andronicus", Stickles ventured into the crowd for the first time, with the crowd climbing on him to chant "Your life is over!"

Towards the end of the set, Dan Treacy, from support band Television Personalities, invited himself and stage and began to play bizarre songs whilst evidently high, however the band went along with it and it looked as though it had been choreographed to happen. Treacy didn't leave without making his mark, swearing at members of the crowd and asking someone to "speak properly English."

The band ended their energetic, sweaty, beer-fuelled set on "Four Score And Seven," bringing to an end one of the best live gigs I've ever seen.

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