Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Seen It>> Interpol at Brixton Academy - 06.12.2010

The New Yorkers live up to their name, as they walk out in suits that wouldn't look out of place in the FBI. This is their first show in London since November 2007, so it promises to be a good one. It is also their show in London without departed bassist Carlos D, so things will look different at first.

Dengler's touring replacement David Pajo doesn't carry the same authoritive stride as his predessesor, however with Paul Banks and Daniel Kessler on top form it's hard to notice him. It's evident that the fans have turned up to see the classics from years gone by, as opposed to the new self-titled album, with shouts of "Stella" (Stella Was a Diver And She Was Always Down) being heard throughout the show. At times on 'Interpol', it sounds as though Banks is getting bored and some times in the show you can feel the vibe, "Lights" builds up an atmosphere that quickly dissolves to nothing. The new tracks are flatly received in comparison to the older tracks. "Slow Hadns" probably receives the biggest cheer of the night, lifting the tempo of the crowd and atmosphere in the venue, whilst during "Evil" you probably get to the hear the atmospheric surroundings of the Brixton Academy for the first time.

While Interpol suit the darkened room, it's hard to see with the lighting system that's in place, which then affects the atmosphere and tension inside, no doubt. It seems a bit flat and that something is missing, maybe without Carlos D's presence, or maybe just a feebled reaction towards the new material. Anyway, all doesn't seem right, and why it's not Interpol's fault, maybe it will just take time for Interpol as a three piece to be accepted by the crowd.

Say Hello To The Angels
Length of Love
Rest My Chemistry
Slow Hands
The New
Summer Well
Take You On A Cruise
The Heinrich Maneuver
Memory Serves
Not Even Jail

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