Thursday, 8 November 2012

Seen It>>...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead at Scala 10 October 2012

In the ten years that has passed since Austin's art rockers Trail of Dead’s magnificent, Source Tags & Codes, the band have slowly lost all the hype and momentum that turned them into potential world beaters. Bloated albums on major labels, band members leaving, a brief period of two drummers and choreographed stage antics threatened to spoil the band’s purpose. Thankfully, 2011’s Tao of the Dead was a welcome return to form, which saw Lost Songs set for release a week after the gig.

The Scala is an intimate venue, which is perfect for the raucous show that is expected. “Strange News from Another Planet” was an apocalyptic burst that was supplemented by Conrad Keeley’s Slint-esque spoken word, but it was ferocious anthems like new song “Up to Infinity” and old classic “Mistakes & Regrets” that saw the crowd moving frantically. “Caterwaul” added some emotion to the set. 

Despite a new album set for release, the band delved into their back catalogue, giving a greatest hits set including “Relative Ways” and “Richter Scale Madness”, while the antics they were most known for, were briefly touched upon when drummer/guitarist Jason Reese stage dived into the rowdy crowd, for the chaotic “Homage.”

The quartet returned for the encore, with “Another Morning Stoner”, where Keeley briefly touched upon the demise of the old Astoria venue where the video was filmed, before closing on world-ending “Will You Smile Again?” 

….And You Will now Us By the Trail of Dead are a band who seemed to be going through the motions just a  couple of years ago, but their performance and acclaimed new album seem to be putting them back onto the road where they were set to go a decade ago.