Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Seen It>> Pulled Apart By Horses at Relentless Garage - 02.12.2010

"Ultimate Power, Maximum Life!" What a year it's been for Leeds rockers Pulled Apart By Horses. A highly-regarded debut album, frequent plays on MTV and Radio One, Two Live Lounge sets, tearing up Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, and now selling out London's Relentless Garage.

It's a day when the large snowfall has affected some people's journey, however the boys aren't affected by the weather and joke around with the crowd about being "Southern softies" and guitarist James Brown tells us we should "go and watch a Boyband, if we can't make the show because it's snowing."

Opener "E=MC Hammer" is a brutal start to proceedings, with the mosh pit already opening up at the front of the crowd and the people at the front already beginning to get crushed. It doesn't take long for Brown to enter the crowd, as he does during "The Crapsons", crowdsurfing whilst still playing the guitar! The band also handed out free foam fingers to advertise the release of Yeah Buddy, and during this song most of the crowd are waving their fingers in the air. During "High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive", singer Tom Hudson requets for the crowd to high five eachother, which they do.

During the sole encore of "I Punched A Lion In The Throat", the band are joined on stage during members of 'Gay For Johnny Depp', however Hudson and Brown are both in the crowd anyway, raving in the mosh pit, whilst Hudson is mobbed by the crowd and ends up on the floor.

Once again PABH show why they are certainly Britain's best live band, continuing from where they left off at Reading and, dare I say it, improved their live shows even more. They can be congratulated for delivering an epic show, without it being dated or gimmicy.

E=MC Hammer
Back To The Fuck Yeah
The Crapsons
Soft Handed Punk
Moonlit Talons
Yeah Buddy
I've Got Guestlist to Rory O'Hara's Suicide
Meat Balloon
Get Off My Ghost Train
High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive
Den Horn
I Punched A Lion In The Throat

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