Thursday, 24 February 2011

Seen It>>Cold War Kids at Koko - 23.02.2011

Returning to the UK for the first time in over two years, Long Beach-based Cold War Kids played to a sellout crowd at Camden's Koko venue.

In light of the newly-released album, 'Mine Is Yours', opting for a more 'arena' sound, it's evident that the large, upward venue should play host to the band. Nathan Willett's vocals certainly soar all the way to the top of the venue, and newer songs such as 'Royal Blue', 'Louder Than Ever', 'Skip The Charades' and 'Cold Toes On The Cold Floor', plus 'Audience' (from 'Behave Yourself' EP) were certainly recorded to get this effect from a venue.

It's obvious to say that older classics were treated with the most cheers, particluarly 'Hang Me Up To Dry', 'Hospital Beds' and 'We Used To Vacation.' They certainly didn't look out of place within the venue and the arena sounding, with the crowd in full voice throughout, marking the echoing vocals of Willett. Whilst finishing track 'Saint John' saw Willett into the crowd and enjoying himself and probably the band's return to the Capital, as he mentioned several times about how they had wanted to.

Whilst the older songs were greeted with the most cheers, still the crowd sang along to every word from the new album and seeing it live seem to make me enjoy it even more. A great return for the Kids, who will no doubt (and hopefully!) be back again soon.

Royal Blue
Finally Begin
Mexican Dogs
Red Wine, Success!
Skip The Charades
Hang Me Up To Dry
Dreams Old Men Dream
Louder Than Ever
Cold Toes On The Cold Floor
Hospital Beds
Santa Ana Winds
I've Seen Enough
Goodnight Tennesse
We Used To Vacation
Saint John

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Strokes comeback leaves more to be desired

As you may have heard, The Strokes launched their return to the music world, with a sneak preview into their new album, "Angels" due March 22, via the song 'Under Cover of Darkness.'

Despite the commotion and excitment this release caused, the end product is not probably what we were hoping for. Whlist it starts decent, it seems to decend into a 'Is This It' filler track, as the band seem to want to return to that sound, as opposed to launching a different and relentless assualt on the stale, state of rock music today. Unfortunately it isn't the big return many were hoping for, and suggests the comeback won't be as good as promised.

Also, what the heck has happened to Julian's voice??!

Reviews>>Cold War Kids - Mine Is Yours (V2)

Back in late 2006, a band appeared from Fullerton, California, setting the blogosphere alight with their bluesy indie rock tunes. Following the release of highly-regarded debut 'Robbers & Cowards' in January 2007, Cold War Kids unfortunately have yet to recreate that momentum.

While follow up 'Loyalty to Loyalty' recieved warm reviews, it didn't recreate the same mainstream breakthrough, and after touring for the last two years, Cold War Kids return with their third album, 'Mine is Yours.'

Cold War Kids teamed up with Kings of Leon producer Jacquire King to part-record the album in Tennesse, and certain 'arena' sounds are included on this album. Title track 'Mine is Yours' and 'Louder than Ever' are evidence of this new arena, blues rock the Kids seem to be aiming towards.

However, it's not all one way traffic. 'Royal Blue' and 'Sensitive Kid' are Cold War Kids at their best, particularly the former; fast paced percussions and soaring guitar solos, definately the album's highlight. 'Skip The Charades' is also heartbreaking, mellow piano riffs that will probably be the sound track to Grey's Anatomy and other hosipital dramas.

The arena sound certainly suits frontman Nathan Willett's ranging soul vocals, he sounds as they he's been long waiting to express himself to such levels. The 80s sounding percussions also bring the Kids a new dimension.

Overall, it's not a bad return, however anyone hoping for another 'Robbers & Cowards, will be disappointed.