Sunday, 9 January 2011

A-Z of 2011

A is for Animal Band Names//Foals, Pulled Apart By Horses, Dinosaur Pile Up, Chickenhawk all had big years in 2010, so expect more new bands naming themselves after the animal kingdom.
B is for Brother//Seen as the next big thing by anyone from the NME to XFM, the Slough foursome want to bring lad-rock back to the mainstream. Despite a lack of originality and talent, expect to see them everywhere in 2011, mainly as their lead singer Leonard Newell won't shut up and considers himself as the new Liam Gallagher.
C is for Comebacks//Expect 2011 albums after long absenses from The Strokes, Beastie Boys, The Shins, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, Cold War Kids, Queens of the Stone Age, whilst also on the comeback trail are Arctic Monkeys, with their fourth album due around September.
D is for Dave Grohl//Foo Fighters frontman has had fans wetting their lips about their new album, after describing it is a "massive sound." Expect a big year for the Foos.
E is for El Scorcho//Will Weezer be bringing their 'Memories' tour to the UK in 2011? If there's a God, yes. If not, we can do with a Kings of Leon tour instead.
F is for Festivals//Yet again festivals will be eagerly anticipated, from hearing new bands, to long-awaited comebacks and to the best contemporary stars. With Glastonbury taking a year break in 2012 and Reading celebrating a 40 year anniversary, expect some big names appearing.
G is for Great Escape Festival//The annual pilgrimmage to Brighton will uncover the next big things in Britsh, and around the world, indie and alternative music. Last years line-up included the likes of Ellie Goulding, Pulled Apart By Horses and Young Guns.
H is for Hype//Once again the NME and BBC's Sound of 2011, has determined which bands are set to be heard non-stop in 2011. So far, the list doesn't inspire anything new or exciting in the music world, however their hype will no doubt overwhelm their talent.
I is for Iron Maiden//New tour underway in the summer, a comeback album on the horizon, and perhaps a Reading and Leeds headline spot?
J is for Jessie J//Love her or hate her, and I'm certainly leaning towards the latter, expect her to be everywhere this year. Surely the results of when N-Dubz and Lady Gaga had a child, unfortunately she's one of the those bugs you can't flick away.
K is for Kings of Leon//No Doubt, the brothers (and cousin) Followill will be one of the most played and talked about artists of 2011. It is their first UK stadium tour after all, even if they are massive, massive sellouts.
L is for Libertines//After a storming comeback at Reading and Leeds, and a less than impressive Carl Barat solo effort, they could be the next band to announce a reunion and maybe a few tour dates too.
M is for Mona//Seen as the replacement to Kings of Leon's bland, stale, arena rock, the Nashville foursome create a mixture of 50s rock n roll, QOTSA riffs, KOL basslines and the soul of Gaslight Anthem. Not original, however they are a refreshing change to the arena sound which has gone stale recently.
N is for New Jersey//After excellent albums in 2010 from local lads The Gaslight Anthem and Titus Andronicus, who will be the next band from The Boss' hometown to produce a gem in 2011?
O is for Overseas Festivals//Anyone who isn't interested in seeing the best of Blighty's festivals, is inclined to go and see a festival abroad. Most line-ups are already filling up, Benicassim in Spain, Hurricane/Southside in Germany and Coachella in California already look to be epic.
P is for Political//With the upcoming royal wedding and the Coalition government doing their best to outshine Margaret Thatcher, expect a host of political, angry music to explode back onto the scene this year. Johnny Rotten talking about a Sex Pistols comeback? Well, he had to try and get his nose in front of everyone else.
Q is for Queens of the Stone Age//Homme and the boys are set to release a new album this year, which will probably (hopefully!)mean UK tour dates again and maybe another festival apperance, after their storming set at Reading and Leeds last year. Welcome back lads.
R is for Reading and Leeds//Pulling Weezer, Arcade Fire and The Libertines, out of, it seems, nowhere, who will Melvin be unveiling to shock in March? Beastie Boys? The White Stripes? Iron Maiden? 30 Seconds to Mars? (ahem..)
S is for Soundtracks//With more big name movies arriving in 2011, there will be another batch of movie soundtracks coming along. Expect Muse to be at the forefront of another woeful, wet Twilight soundtrack. Jared Leto will probably be sticking his oar into a soundtrack, too.
T is for Theatre//The new way to get your music out there seems to be the theatre way, U2 writing the Spiderman musical, Green Day writing American Idiot, who will jump on the bandwagon in 2011? The Rolling Stones? Muse? Probably.
U is for U2//With Bono back to full health, an expected Glastonbury appearance and a new album in the wings, it means we'll have to put up with U2 all year.(Yay!)
V is for Vaccines//The Vaccines are another band listed to watch this year. Blending a mould of The Courteeners and Editors, sounds terrible, but someone's gotta like it? Haven't they?
X is for X Factor challenge//Simon Cowell's money juggernaunt will be back again and chasing the Christmas number one with their inferior, mediocre cover of a decent track. So therefore once again a Facebook-led rebel campaign will be underway. After Jeff Buckley in 2008, Rage Against The Machine in 2009 and The Trashmen in 2010, 2011 is open to ideas.
Y is for Yuck//Yuck by name, but certainly not by nature. Expect them to be big by the end of the year.
Z is for Z-List//Expect to see more bands on the Z-list (think Guns N' Roses) announce a comeback this year, hoping to gain the type of money they no longer see.