Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas: The Sleighlist

Celebrate Christmas with some of Indie's finest and their take on the holiday....

The Futureheads - Christmas Was Better In The 80s//Sunderland's finest go all bleak on us with their offering, and despite the impressive christmas guitar jingle, well I still think Christmas was better in the 90s.

The Killers - Boots//Breaking away from his solo project, Brandon Flowers rejoins the Vegas boys for their annual take on Christmas. A hommage to Jimmy Stewart in 'It's A Wonderful Life', the bleak haunting sound gives an uplifting turn to how Christmas brings everyone together to forget their troubles.

The Walkmen - Holiday Road//A cover of Lindsey Cunningham's song from 1981, the boys give it a rockabilly Christmas moakeover. The guitars sound refreshing towards the bleak usual Christmas tune, whilst Hamilton Leithauser's vocals once again soars above everything else. A great tune to get you in the party mood.

Los Campesinos! - Kindle A Flame In Her Heart//Not as uplifting as their usual work, Gareth Campesinos just wants a kiss from someone under the mistletoe to make him feel better inside. Receiving a lump of coal from Santa instead of his favourite present, Graeth must have had it bad.

Best Coast & Wavves - Got Something For You//Bethany Consentino and Nathan Williams go all lovey dovey on us to celebrate the holiday. Soemone pass the sick bucket, I think I'll stick to watching shit TV and a traditional festive booze up.

Summer Camp - Christmas Wrapping/Anyone who thought the duo wouldn't be able to survive the freezing conditions, well they have and they've given us this delightful Waitress' cover. A relaxing take on everyone's feeling of being too busy for Christmas, it oozes of Christmas cheer.

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name//Ok, it's not a Christmas song, however any song that keeps Simon Cowell's money juggernaut from the festive top spot deserves to be annually recgonized. Plus with the recent student protests, and overall hatred towards the Coalition Government, what better song would represent the feeling of 2010's Christmas.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

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