Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Top 5>>Worst Reading Headliners

With the news that Guns 'n' Roses are indeed playing Reading and Leeds, claiming Axl Rose's twitter was hijacked - or more likely a publicity stunt, it only seems fair to look at some of the worst headliners in recent years.

2009: Kings of Leon
Rather ironically given that they decided to release radio-heavy songs such as Sex On Fire and Use Somebody, that the band would lay into the crowd for not singing along to their older (and better) songs. However the bands set was so terrible, that they even requested for the BBC to cut out their last few songs, meaning fans at home would have missed highlights including Caleb's rant and Matthew smashing his guitar into pieces.

2007: Razorlight
Errr, surely the title says all.

2004: The Darkness
Sadly, not a joke. They DID actually headline Reading and Leeds.

2007: The Smashing Pumpkins
Akin to Guns 'n' Roses this year, it is not the same Smashing Pumpkins that we all know. No D'Arcy and no James, made it look like a 'Billy Corgan and friends' type gig, with the main focus being solely on their newly released album 'Zeitgeist' at the time and missing some older songs.

1996: The Stone Roses
Their last performance was this shameful and embarrasing headline gig, so much so that they were booed and hit by objects throughout. Ian Brown's vocals were even described as "so off-key it was excrucitating to listen to." Needless to say, they packed it in in October.

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