Thursday, 5 August 2010

Seen It>> The Drums at Heaven - 09.06.10

Jacob Graham, Jonathan Pierce and Adam Kessler of The Drums.

"We love you London, you're our second home." Jonathan Pierce, lead singer of The Drums, reitarates his point to the crowd throughout the night. The Drums are at Heaven playing the second of two sell-out nights, on the week of their debut album's release, further cementing their place as one of the bands of the new decade.
Sweeping onto stage some time after his bandmates, Pierce begins his frantic dancemoves, reminiscent of the late Ian Curtis, while his stage presence and swagger is similar to that of a young Morrisey, in The Smiths' heyday of the early eighties.
His late enterance on stage, meant he missed the opening to It Will All End In Tears, whilst the crowd and band begin to get in the groove, through second single Best Friend. Guitarist Jacob Graham joins Pierce in prancing around the stage, complete with tambourine and sporting dancing that looked as if he was a drunken ballerina. This shows they have the arrogance and attitude which suggests they will be more than just a fad and will be selling albums for years to come.
The band are then quick to play out songs from their critically positive debut EP, Summertime!, including the Cure-esque Submarine, upbeat summer hit Saddest Summer, former B-side I Felt Stupid, Make You Mine and the doo-woop liden Down By The Water, where the entire crowd chant the words back, overpowering Pierce's voice. They are later joined on stage by Gregory's Girl Clare Grogan for the lovers' tiff duet, Don't Be A Jerk, Jonny.
Another three songs from their self-titled debut follow, Book of Stories, Me And The Moon and recent single Forever and Ever Amen, before the band head off backstage.
Their encore consists of their biggest hit, and crowd favourite, Lets Go Surfing. At this point, it seems the crowd have fully woken up and break into a dancing frenzy.

On this evidence, it seems The Drums have the ability to be live favourites for years to come, with both their songs and stage authority being the right formula needed to please their growing fanbase.


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