Friday, 28 September 2012

Seen It>> Reading Festival- Friday, August 24 2012

O'Brother>>Festival Republic Stage>>The post rockers from Atlanta, Georgia had the dubious honour of opening 2012's festival. They had a loud, atmospheric set which suited their surroundings perfectly, with songs such as "Machines Part I" and "Lay Down" gaining warm applause.

Cancer Bats>>Main Stage>>The Canadian hardcore punk rockers were more at home on the Lock Up stage, as their set looked flat, and whilst their usual crowd would have been energetic, the atmosphere was anything but. Their "Sabotage" cover due the biggest reception.

Coheed & Cambria>>Main Stage>>Again the atmosphere around the main stage had a flat and early morning feel to it, which clearly affected the band's set. Set closer "Welcome Home" had everyone headbanging and air guitaring though. 

JEFF the Brotherhood>>Festival Republic Stage>>Nashville, Tennessee's brotherly duo were the first band to liven the audience on the (usually) groggy first day. Rockin' numbers such as "Shredder", "Heavy Days" and "U Got the Look" were like being thwarted back to the 70s with their heavy distortion. The perfect band for an early afternoon beer. 

The Hives>>NME/Radio 1 Stage>>Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and his mad cap band were back at Reading after an eight year absence. Quite how such an entertaining festival band as The Hives were away for so long is anybody's guess, but they showed just what Reading was missing with a jam-packed set featuring classics, inane banter and freeze frames. Fagersta, Sweden's number one export (besides steel) were fantastic as they delivered song such as "Main Offender", "Hate To Say I Told You So" and "Tick Tick Boom", which featured the aforementioned Hives freeze frame. 

Touche Amore>> Lock Up Stage>>The post-hardcore quintet from Los Angeles were in town to play tracks from most recent album, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me, including "Home Away From Here" and "~". The boys seemed delighted to be at Reading and the audience were delighted to have them. 

Graham Coxon>>NME/Radio 1 Stage>>Former Blur man was back at Reading and, well, it wasn't one of his best days. A set containing mostly new material failed to grab the somewhat (shamefully) small crowd's attention, with only "Freakin' Out" getting the audience moving. 

Every Time I Die>>Lock Up Stage>>The mentalist crowd of the day went to Buffalo, NY's Every Time I Die. The metalcore quintet were making their first appearance at the festival and they didn't disappoint, delivering a brutal set containing "Holy Book of Dilemma"and "Wanderlust" amongst others.

The Cure>>Main Stage>>Robert Smith and co returned to headline Reading Festival after some 33 years. The majority of the crowd would have not have even been born then, but they were still able to appreciate a legendary British band showing off their distinguishable career, with hit after hit, and a wide mixture of genres. 

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