Monday, 11 July 2011

Seen It>> Hurricane Festival - Schessel, Germany 17.06.2011-19.06.2011


17.40-18.20//Irie Revoltes//German Hip-Hop/Punk ensemble from Heidelberg. They entertained the crowd on Friday afternoon with their songs comprising topics such as racism, prejudice, homophobia and sexism.
18.25-19.00//Kaizers Orchestra//Norwegian band hailing from Stavanger, the alternative rock band are similar to compatriots, Kvelertak, who were also on the bill, in singing in their native language.
19.40-20.20//Glasvegas//The Scottish quartet seemed to bring the rain and miserable weather with them to Germany, but it didn't stop James Allan and co from belting out their popular tunes, such as "Geraldine" and set-closer "Daddy's Gone".
21.10-22.00//Jimmy Eat World//The alternative rock quartet from Arizona were eagerly awaited by the young audience on the Blue Stage. They bundled their way through past hits and it seemed a rather tame spectacle, until the ending on popular hits "Bleed American", "The Middle" and "Sweetness" back to back.
23.25-01.00//Arcade Fire//The Montreal eight-piece have become a worldwide phenomenon ever since their headline set at Reading and Leeds in 2010, and they played to an eagerly-awaited and excited crowd at Hurricane. The band had opened their set with clips from their new film, "Scenes from the Suburbs" and they played several songs from the album which bored that title, "The Suburbs". However, unsurprisingly their most popular tracks came for their debut album, "Funeral", including the mash-up of "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" and "Rebellion (Lies)", "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" and the encore crowd-favourite "Wake Up".
00.45-02.00//The Chemical Brothers//The duo entertained the cold crowd on the Blue Stage with their remixes and instrumentals. However, it wasn't until they unleashed monster hits such as "Block Rockin' Beats" and "Galvanize" that the crowd really got going.
01.00-02.00/Sum 41//The Canadian four-piece are still proving their popularity, some 10 years since the release of "All Killer, No Filler", that they packed the Red Stage, forcing many revelers to have to stand outside and watch on the TV screen. They played a back catalogue of their biggest hits, including "Still Waiting", "We're All To Blame", "Motivation", "In Too Deep" and, of course, teenage anthem "Fat Lip", getting the mosh pit into a frenzy.

12.00-13.30//Pulled Apart By Horses/Leeds rockers PABH managed to awaken the entire campsite with their relentless and roaring riffs and usual mad stage antics. The breakfast mosh pit was into full gear with a host of tracks for their S/T Debut. They even asked for the rain to "fuck off" as they were on "holiday" at Hurricane.
14.45-15.20//Warpaint//All-girl band Warpaint managed to maintain their psychedelic hypnotic-riffs even though they were playing to open air. The LA quartet delivered crowd-pleasing renditions of 'Warpaint', 'Elephants' and 'Undertow' from debut album "The Fool".
17.30-18.20//Friendly Fires//The St Albans dance-punk trio livened up the early evening crowd in the sunshine, playing tracks from their debut album and highly-anticipated follow-up, "Pala".
19.30-20.30//Gogol Bordello//The gypsie-punks were lively as ever on the Green Stage, with the crowd moshing at every opportunity. Always one of the highlights of any festival they play and they didn't disappoint at Hurricane either.
23.00-00.30//Incubus//The alternative rock quartet from California were returning with a new album in tow, "If not now, When?" and their headline set treated the crowd to new singles such as "Adolescents", plus classics "Anna Molly", "Drive" and "Wish You Were Here."
01.00-02.00//Bright Eyes//Conor Oberst has signalled that the end is nigh for Bright Eyes and rather fittingly, he entered the stage dressed as the Grim Reaper. He seemed to spend more time yapping away, including about his “home girls” Warpaint, than he did play hits. That said, it was an enjoyable experience and should the Bright Eyes project end soon, it would be a big loss.

13.30-14.10//Blood Red Shoes//The Brighton duo seemed to bring the miserable weather with them, as they played host to a drenched crowd in the pouring rain. That didn't deter the rowdy crowd, as they chanted back the lyrics to hits including, "I Wish I was Someone Better", "Light It Up" and "It's Getting Boring by the Sea".
17.15-18.00//Flogging Molly//The Irish-American Celtic-Punk rockers entertained the crowd in the rain, with their collection of hits, including "Float" and "Drunken Lullabies". Irish jigging in the rain never sounded so fun!
18.45-19.55//The Hives//The Swedish garage rockers were up to their usual eccentric ways, belting out tune after tune, including "Main Offender", "Walk Idiot Walk" and "Hate to Say I Told You So." Front man Howlin' Pelle Almqvist had asked where his "25,000 screaming Germans were" and believed that God's intervention had stopped the rain, as "God loves The Hives," proving they've still got arrogance in bundles.
20.15-21.30//Arctic Monkeys//Sheffield's finest played a host of new tracks from album, "Suck it and See", alongside the classics from the first two albums. They were joined on stage by their mate and fellow Sunday performer, Miles Kane, to end their set on "505". They lacked their usual crowd chemistry that they regularly show in the UK, but it was a no nonsense show.
22.00-00.00//Foo Fighters//Headliners and festival closers, Foo Fighters, had a two-hour set packed of classics and new tracks from the album, "Wasting Light". Dave Grohl and co belted their way through an army of tracks, including "The Pretender", "Monkey Wrench", "Learn to Fly" and finisher "Everlong." Their set surely added to their reputation as currently the "World's biggest band".

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