Sunday, 19 September 2010

Seen It>>Reading Festival 2010 - Sunday

12:30-13:05 Lights//Canadian singer-songwriter Lights got the last day off to a late than planned start on the Dance Stage, as Japanese Popstars had pulled out. She delighted the small, scene kid crowd playing songs from both of her albums.

13:35-14:15 Thrice//On the Main Stage, the Irvine, Californians played to a somewhat smallish crowd, full off teenage girls awaiting All Time Low and You Me At Six. However, they were entertaining and received a warm reception.

14:35-15:20 All Time Low//The Baltimore pop-punkers entertained the crowd on a rain-soaked Main Stage. Despite expecting a boring set, I was generally suprised, as they put on a good show and looked comfortable on the Main Stage. The crowd, although full of teenagers, were better than some crowds for the bigger bands, especially the reveller who was crowd-surfing in their tent.

15:40-16:25 You Me At Six//Probably the worst band of the weekend would be the best way to describe the Surrey faux-Americanised pop punkers. Lead singer Josh Franceschi must have been the most deluded frontman of the weekend, asking the crowd to have "the biggest circle pit in Reading history." Errr, yes. Thankfully, I missed no decent bands for this rubbish.

16:45-17:35 Limp Bizkit//Yes! Everyone got that chance to be 10 again, through the nostalgia of Limp Bizkit. Mosh pits aplenty for this one, as the rap/rock/metallers livened up the crowd for the final day with a collection of classic hits that would have left the crowd with a 'Fat Lip.'

17:55-18:45 Cypress Hill//Another band for the nostalgists, the rappers filled the Main Stage with a suspicious substance looking rather like a cigarette (hmmm...) Anyway, they delivered another brutal rendition of classics, including 'Insane In the Membrane.'

19:05-20:05 Weezer//Without doubt, the highlight of the sunday. The nerd rockers showed why the should have headlined the festival. Even without playing any of "Pinkerton", they still produced a terrific stetlist, including an ironic cover of Wheatus' 'Teenage Dirtbag.' But, Rivers Cuomo owned the stage and continued to show why nerds around the world can take heart from him. Brilliant. Altogether now, "If you want to destroy my sweater...."

19:55-20:45 Foals//Trying to follow after Weezer wasn't going to be easy, but the Oxford math-rockers showed that they have differently evolved musically, since the release of "Total Life Forever" earlier this year. The electrifying atmosphere in the NME tent plus guitarist Jimmy Smith throwing up half-way through a riff and continuing playing, was probably one of the highlights of the weekend.

21:10-22:00 We Are Scientists//Probably the second geekiest band of the weekend, after Weezer, the Californian duo of Keith Murray and Chris Cain once again pulled off a brilliant show for the pentulmate band of the weekend. They spent less time chatting and delivered a pulsating, frentic show, where I spent the entire time bouncing in the air. One of the most underrated bands on the list, but they continued to show why they have developed a cult following.

22:00-23:30 Blink 182//A chance to relive your childhood again, with the San Diego pop-punkers headlining the final night. Whilst it was enjoyable, sadly the off-putting vocals of Tom DeLonge ruined would should have been an epic night. However Travis Barker's drum solo was mind-numbing, proving he still has got it.

And that concludes Reading 2010, roll on 2011.

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